client - Leonardo Cariglino

The short film HOME-Mokum by Amsterdam based director Leonardo Cariglino is finished and ready to hit the (inter)national film festivals and film houses.

Trouble to settle in a new country, find a job, make friends, learn the language and understand the culture? Trying to reestablish the feeling of “home” is not an easy undertaking. This Amsterdam-based film project tries to give an impression of this perplexing state of mind.

Revolve was responsible for the VFX work and graphic design of the film. Besides creating the title and credits, we designed the ‘green’ effect of the opening & end sequences, as well as stabilizing and re-framing shots, relighting, adding rain and remove unwanted spots and distracting objects.

  • Client - Leonardo Cariglino
  • what we did - vfx, graphics, dcp