final round

client - Halil Ibrahim Özpamuk

The documentary film Final Round by director Halil Ibrahim Özpamuk was selected for the debut competition at the Dutch Film Festival 2014.

The final battle of a group of aged boxers from Rotterdam is one against physical ailments, loneliness and approaching death. For some seven decades now, these men from Crooswijk meet in the same ring. They lost a lot in these years: their women, children, health and their glory. But the boxing gym was – and still is – a constant factor in the lives of the elderly sportsmen. This meeting place keeps them going. From the perspective of Henk, Leen and their pals, we witness a life-and-death struggle. Inside the ring and outside.

Revolve was responsible for the color grading, VFX work and online editing of the film. We created a wide range of deliverables ranging from web versions to dvd, blu ray and DCP.



  • Client - Halil Ibrahim Özpamuk
  • what we did - vfx, color grading, online editing,dvd & blu ray authoring, dcp